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Step 4 Antenna Plate. Step 5. Add a comment. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10 Fan Assembly. Step Browse Our Store. Step 14 Logic Board Assembly. Tools used on this step:. Step 26 Power Supply. Step 31 Drive Tray Assembly. Step 33 Hard Drive Assembly. Step 35 Hard Drive. Almost done! To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

You're Finished! Author with 13 other contributors. Sam Lionheart Member since: Hello, the following hard drive goes on the Mac Mini?? Load more comments.

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Single Step Full Guide. Small - px Medium - px Large - px. Better still, DiskUtility command line now has a 1-step command to create a Fusion Drive. No more messing around with odd CoreStorage commands. So what happens with an upgrade to High Sierra…. The instructions for creating the Fusion drive worked perfectly.

Then I booted off of the external drive, created the Fusion drive, then used CCC to clone the external drive back to the new Fusion drive. It definitely feels like a faster system than before, but I need to spend more time with it to get a better idea of just how much faster it is. Today we used your instructions to turn it into a Fusion Drive.


Thank you, it worked like a charm. Does this really work like a fusion drive? Yes some blocks are on the SSD, but are they the right ones?

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Yes — this is the actual fusion drive setup, same recipe that Apple used. Once the fusion drive is created, CoreStorage knows what to do. Great tutorial! To solve, I had to: All worked well this time! Got all the way to the last step when terminal said that the uuid was not a real uuid.

Re entered but no dice. Not in disk utility or the system profile. How can I get it to mount again? Thank you for this.

I followed these instructions in terminal and confirmed via Disk Util and it appeared that creating the Fusion drive worked. However, after booting from a CCC carbon copy cloner the new fusion drive did not appear on the desktop. I don't have any test results for a fusion drive 2. Whether it's possible using your existing components I have no idea.

Looking forward to answers. Billiam29 wrote: Thank you mostlylost! I certainly would not do this myself not technical at all. Gesture wrote: Thank you Gesture. Agree with you! Marco S Hyman wrote: Thank you Marco. Very good to know. If larger sticks were available, you'd still need to Back up everything on the Fusion volume and on other partitions of the internal hard drive — including making a bootable backup disk Dissolve the Fusion volume using Terminal commands Do surgery on the iMac to replace the SSD stick Create a new Fusion volume using Terminal commands Format it and restore the old Fusion volume's contents from your backup much as if you were replacing the HDD.

Replace Fusion Drive with SSD only?

Thank you Noirdesir for your extensive reaction! Thank you again, Tom! YES If so, will I notice a lot of speed difference?

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