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One other possibility is setting up your system to dual-boot Lion and Snow Leopard.

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Otherwise, just upgrade to CS5. Anyway, CS2 is the oldest version that still qualifies for discounted upgrade pricing from Adobe — but aware that this will likely change and disappear once CS6 comes out. Thanks for helping me out. I saved the chat transcript. Good thought actually, but no — because one key requirement mentioned above for doing an Adobe crossgrade is that you must be on the most recent version of Creative Suite, and that is CS 5.

In fact, there actually is quite a bit of difference between CS5 and CS5. See also our new article out about how to purchase CS5. Hey guys. I have a new question. Would I still be able to do the crossgrade for my PC for the 5.

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How do you go about re-installing CS5 upgrade when upgrading to a new computer? The upgrade always looks for an older version of PS and of course there will not be one on the new computer. Great question Ropa. See more details about this process. Of course, in all cases you also need to enter the valid license key from your new release, whether upgrade or full.

Serial Key Adobe CS6 Full Version free

Hi I am wondering how Adobe knows if I am running the programs at the same time — often I will be doing two things at once on laptop and desktop just to try and get things done quicker. Would this be possible? Hey, I got a question.

As of right now, the only class I use Macs is Web Design. So should I buy the CS5 and install on my computer now? Greetings Andy, thanks for your question. Lastly, the product works equally well with the same functions on both operating system platforms, so long as the computers meet the minimum system requirements , including recommended graphics cards, etc.

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Thanks for subscribing! Pinterest Buffer Reddit Gmail Subscribe. CS6, 5, 4, 3? Last Chance! Comments 45 Leave a comment. April 20th, at Hope this helps! ProDesignTools Thanks so much for the quick response. Just a quick hint for fellow Mac users, because I spent hours trying to find this.

Hope this helps. April 28th, at What do i do if I uninstalled the software before disabling it? Thanks Great Work. May 15th, at If I reformatted a my computer, is there any way to disable Adobe CS at this point? Thanks for all of the great info, James.

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May 19th, at Thank you, Scott. May 28th, at There are solutions you can navigate with Creative Suite 5, and some of the answers on the previous page of comments here should help you… See in particular this comment and response, and this one too. May 30th, at June 6th, at June 10th, at June 15th, at June 22nd, at Hi and thanks to all for the helpful articles, comments, etc. Im trying to understand some things so i can make an informed decision… I currently have Adobe creative suite premium education version installed on a PC.

June 28th, at Your first two questions should be answered by the article above, so just to confirm: 1. Hello, The question I have is how to discover if the current installation of CS5 is considered my first activation, following an attempt to uninstall the software. July 21st, at July 22nd, at July 27th, at July 28th, at August 1st, at As far as we are aware, the only way to do a platform swap is through Adobe directly… And for most people, that means buying the upgrade on the same platform, and then switching operating systems with their assistance.

August 6th, at August 7th, at Good luck! ProDesignTools Thanks for helping me out. August 10th, at Thanks for your link for that swap page, I even posted that as reference. August 12th, at August 24th, at August 25th, at August 29th, at Best wishes. September 1st, at September 7th, at September 12th, at Hope that helps! Feel free to post back if you have further questions. E-Mail will not be published.


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