Itunes home sharing not working between mac and pc

Fix 1 — Bonjour Service First, make sure that the Bonjour service is running on your computer. Open iTunes on both computers and see if Home Sharing works. Try these steps in Windows: Close iTunes. In Windows, open the Control Pane l.

Restart iTunes and try to use the Home Sharing feature again. Comments Disabled ip6 all good a day wasted! PPS to earlier missives.

Thanks a lot! Methinks that Apple software is grossly over-rated. None of this worked for me. But I did find the problem. Bingo — Home Sharing turned right on. Evidently a Windows update flipped this feature off. Did this help? Let us know! In this case, we finally figured out what the problem was.

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While he only has one router at home, that router has a regular network and a guest network, and his iOS device had connected to the latter. This is an increasingly common feature in Wi-Fi routers, and people will find this happening more and more.

Part 1. Set Up and Use iTunes Home Sharing on Computer

It recognized the name of the device that was asking to pair with it for Home Sharing, and, after he entered the four-digit code, it just timed out. This is just one symptom of areas where Apple needs to provide more information for users who have issues with their computers or devices.

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There are plenty of examples like this, where the software or hardware could offer more help for troubleshooting, and as computers and mobile devices become more tightly integrated in our lives, managing things like smart devices in our homes, we need more help when something goes wrong. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

How to turn on Home Sharing in the Music and TV apps in macOS Catalina

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Turn on Home Sharing - AppleTV - Computers Icon

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7 Tips to Fix the Problem If iTunes Home Sharing Not Working

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Keeping iTunes Synced Between Two Computers

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