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The biggest pain I've had to deal with so far concerning multiple monitors is when they are positioned one above the other. The displays are positioned correctly and normally everything works just fine but the odd time an application could be any window will not want to move up past the top edge of my MBP. Not only that, but if it does sometimes the window will just jump back down to the lower screen or back to upper screen. Which you can imagine is VERY annoying after a few minutes of playing that game. Let's just hope Leopard sorts out some of the multiple monitor issues.

I've noticed that windows bounce back if you try to move them so that they would ironically, given this thread be partially offscreen on the destination display. I don't know if this is what you're experiencing or not? Jul 28, 1, 1 Portland, Oregon. Reactions: CreatorCode. Nov 13, 1 0. I believe if you select 'Zoom' from the Windows menu it will Zoom the window to your current display.

Can't test it at the moment as I only have one monitor, but I seem to remember it worked for me a while ago. Amdahl macrumors Jul 28, 1, 1. Leopard has the cure If you have Spaces turned on, hit F8. Now drag and drop the window where you want it. Mechcozmo macrumors Jul 17, 5, 2. Pressing "Detect Displays" in System Preferences has helped my computer remember to forget its external monitor on more than one occasion.

The 'lost' windows appear in a similar position on the main display after pressing that button.

macos - Move an off-screen window back on-screen on Mac OS X - Super User

Jan 28, 4 0 Nunya Beesnaz. A new solution! My circumstances are not quite the same as above, but pretty damn close. I had my TV hooked up as an external display to my iMac to watch a movie on it since it was not in an AppleTV compatible format and wouldn't convert properly. It was however working in iTunes, so my boyfriend thought you had to drag the video off to the 2nd monitor TV to play it on there.

I explained it would be automatic, but he wouldn't listen. Well, that didn't work, but when I entered fullscreen mode, it did.


Anyhow, the next time I was in iTunes I was trying to watch a video in windowed mode since I was working on something else. However it was maximized taking up fullscreen and I couldn't resize it cuz the bottom edge was under the dock. Whenever I hit the green "zoom" button, it went off screen as if it were still on the second monitor. I tried changing resolution, grabbing it in spaces, expose, all to no avail Eventually I hid the dock, used the corner to resize the Maximized window. Then I hit the zoom button and it went back to maximized.

Using the Option Key in Display Preferences

Now I was able to use zoom to switch between maximized and manually resized windows without if jumping off the screen. We try our best to meet these objectives with our apps. More about us…. Your browser does not support the video tag.

How to set the primary display on macOS

Pop-up positioning Hover the mouse over any window's green button, and Moom's pop-up palette appears. Release the mouse button, and the window will fill the outline you've drawn on the screen.

Save and restore window layouts Set up a collection of windows in the size and locations you wish, then save the layout. But wait, there's more! Use Moom as a normal Dock-based app, as an icon in the menu bar, or as a completely invisible background app. Access custom commands through the Moom menu bar icon, through the green button's pop-up palette, or via keyboard shortcuts.

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Use a small hexagonal grid for grid resizing, instead of the full-screen virtual grid. Display a keyboard cheat sheet that shows what tasks you've assigned to which keys in keyboard mode. Click on the Arrangement tab. Select the iPad screen in the display arrangement window. Drag it to your desired position.

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  6. As soon as you make the changes, the repositioning will take place. How to change which screen shows the Menu bar and desktop icons in Sidecar in iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina Before you start, make sure your iPad is connected to your Mac using Sidecar or you won't see some of the additional display options available.

    fixed : MacBook’s external monitor screen stays black

    Select the white bar at the top of whichever display it is currently designated. Drag the white bar to the other display. As soon as you switch the Menu bar, it will appear on the new screen. How to bring your display preferences together onto one screen for easier access in Sidecar in iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina If your iPad or Mac is too far for you to reach at the moment, but you want to make changes to it, you can bring all of the display windows onto whichever screen you are using and customize your options faster. Click on the Gather Windows button.

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