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Free reader software is available, as is a day trial, which requires registration before you can download. Besides being the industry standard, Final Draft is pretty good software to write a screenplay with. Desktop and mobile versions are available, so you can work anywhere, and a large selection of templates will give you a head start. That means that every element in the script, from characters to dialogue to locations, is defined, and fewer spelling errors will creep into the document.

Alternate Dialogue lets you try a number of different lines. The feature allows you to store as many different versions of a line that you can imagine, and plug them in one by one to see which one works best. While you type, pressing Tab then Enter will let you choose what comes next. Character names are properly located and capitalized automatically, according to the standard screenplay format. The Beat Board is a place to brainstorm your ideas without holding back.

Text and images go on little cards that can be moved around. They can contain ideas for the plot, character development, research, location ideas, anything. The Story Map is where you connect your Beat Board ideas with your script, adding structure. Each card can have a writing goal, measured in the number of pages. You can easily refer back to your Story Map while writing, and use it to plan milestones and plot points. You can even use it as a quick way to navigate your script. Both the desktop and mobile versions allow you to collaborate in real-time with other writers and share files via iCloud or Dropbox.

Writers in different locations can work together on the document at the same time. Final Draft will track any revisions.

The Best Screenwriting Software (Free + Paid): Unbiased Reviews

Finally, once the script is written, Final Draft will help with production. While your script is being revised, the app will allow you to mark and review all changes. Production requires a lot of reports , and Final Draft can produce them all. You can break your script down for budgeting and scheduling, and get ready for production by tagging costumes, props, and locations.

Get Final Draft.

Try Final Cut Pro X free for 30 days.

Arguably, Fade In and WriterDuet are both good candidates for second place. I chose Fade In for a number of reasons. It runs on every major desktop and mobile operating system. A free, fully-functional demo version is available. Fade In.

How to write a movie script screenplay using Final Draft

The New Industry Standard. He added new features he felt were needed to make scriptwriters even more productive, like a dialogue tuner and alternate versions of all elements, not just dialogue. The software is stable, and updates are regular and free. The software keeps track of character names and locations and will offer these as autocompletion suggestions as you type. Images can be inserted and a distraction-free, full-screen mode will keep you focused on your writing.

The app natively saves in Open Screenplay Format, further avoiding lock-in. Fade In also offers real-time collaboration so you can write with others. Multiple users are able to make edits at the same time. The software automatically formats your screenplay, transitioning between dialogue, action and scene headings as you type. A range of customizable templates and screenplay styles are included. A navigator is always visible in the bottom right of the screen.

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This constantly displays an overview of the script and offers a convenient way to navigate to the different sections. The Dialogue Tuner allows you to see all of the dialogue from a specific character in one place. That allows you to check for consistency, find overused words and adjust line lengths. During the revision process, Fade In offers change tracking, page locking, scene locking, and omitted scenes. For production , standard reports are offered, including scenes, cast, and locations. Desktop apps are available once you subscribe, and WriterSolo , an offline app, is available separately.

The WriterDuet website is attractive and modern. Write now, pay later or never. Once you sign in, you find yourself in a blank document in your browser where you can start typing your first script. Users often describe the app as intuitive and user-friendly, and if you want to work from anywhere, or collaborate frequently, the cloud-and-mobile-based nature of WriterDuet may make it your best option. Like other screenwriting programs, when typing a script you use frequent use of the Tab and Enter keys to navigate between different line types, including action, character, and dialogue, or these can be selected from the left toolbar or with a shortcut key.

I found the app very responsive, even on a ten-year-old Mac. Alternate lines can be created—as many as you like. These can be hidden, and a different version selected with a shortcut. Your script is backed up automatically, and the Time Machine allows you to see previous versions. Formatting is basically the same as Final Draft, following standard screenplay format. In most cases, even the page count for a given script will be the same as Final Draft—including when using a mobile device or exporting to PDF.

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A format checking tool will make sure everything is standard before submitting your script. A card view allows you to see an overview of the script and rearrange the big pieces. Cards can be displayed permanently in the right pane. Collaborators can work on different parts of the script independently, or follow one another as they make edits. Communication is aided by a chat feature in the right pane of the app. During production, pages can be locked, revisions are tracked, and Final Cut formatted documents are supported.

Every edit is logged, including who made it. You can view changes filtered by date, writer and line. While WriterDuet is a good, modern alternative to our winners, Movie Magic is the opposite. The website looks dated and is hard to navigate.

1. Final Draft

Please visit our new support site to download the latest version of Mac Movie Magic Screenwriter 6. I expected it would be called Movie Magic Screenwriter, so it took a while to locate. According to the website, I should have been given the opportunity to create a new registration.

I located four different download pages on the site in total, all different. None of this gave a good impression. The app still seems to have a lot of fans, but I found some inconsistencies between the versions. The app uses a WYSIWYG interface so there are no surprises when you print, and character names and locations are automatically filled in, like the apps we covered above.

Download the Final Draft 10 Installer for Windows

The app supports standard screenplay format but does it in a flexible way. Users find the app quite customizable. Outlines up to 30 levels deep are supported, and the navigation sidebar can hide, edit and move outline elements. Production features seem to be comprehensive, and revision control is built in. The program is compatible with Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting. The free version allows you to write complete screenplays, and various in-app purchases allow you to add special tools and features.

Wain claims to use the program every day. The developers claim that this app offers the simplest way to write a movie. It features templates, dark mode and use of the tab key for frequently typed elements. You can sync your screenplays between your devices using either iCloud or Dropbox. It combines screenwriting, pre-production, production management, and team-based collaboration in an online environment. Besides the online experience, some Mac and mobile apps are available. After signing in, your first writing project is open, and looks a little like WriterDuet.

A brief tour takes you through the main elements of the interface. Now I can travel with just my iPad. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on The program can be installed on iOS. Final Draft Reader version 1. Just click the green Download button above to start. Until now the program was downloaded times. We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus.

Version History Here you can find the changelog of Final Draft Reader since it was posted on our website on The latest version is 1. See below the changes in each version:. Continue to Final Draft Reader. Add a review Tell us your experience with Final Draft Reader 1.